About EIT

Shenzhen EIT Environmental Development Group was set up on October 27, 1997. With the development of 17 years,EIT has been the most competitive and professional group in city environmental comprehensive service in China. Starting as merely a small-scale enterprise with 6 people, EIT has achieved tremendously, transforming into today's giant for environmental development group which supports environmental service for 40 major cities in China. The main business includes “building cleaning, municipal roads sweeping, garbage clearance and transit shipment, garbage’s innocent treatment, landscaping, pests control operation, comprehensive property management and so on. Meanwhile, EIT also devoted itself to investment and development on renewable resources such as the living garbage derivative pellet fuel, recycled and fermented kitchen waste, making illegal cooking oil into biodiesel. EIT has always adhered to “serving customers, respectingemployees, returning society” and has been trying its best to shape an enterprise which contributes to society, makes employees feel proud and honorable and beautifies our great country.

 EIT has obtained a series of influential certificates such as the qualification of pests control, the qualification of secondary water supply cleaning & disinfection, municipal living garbage sweeping, collecting and transporting, and also has owned the first grade qualification of city landscaping and the first grade qualification of China cleaning industry association. In December 2000, EIT got Certification and compliance of the ISO9001 International Quality Management System. Moreover, in September 2006 was issued the certification of GB/ISO14001-OHSMS18001 for the environment and professional health & security system and the compliance of the three management systems had been granted in July 2008 and December 2011. EIT has owned more than 1000 long-term customers with total service areas of 90000000 square meters. We have developed stable and long-term partnership with more than 95% customers .

 With registered capital of 50 million RMB Yuan, EIT Group, owns EIT Integrated Environmental Services Limited, the Maple Leaf Landscape Engineering Co., Ltd., the Jade Dragonfly Pest Control Co., Ltd.. At the same time, EIT has injected 10 million RMB Yuan into each of its subsidiaries in nine regions across China. They are EIT Guangzhou, EIT Beijing, EIT Shanghai, EIT Chengdu, EIT Kunming, EIT Northeast, EIT Central China, EIT Shandong, and EIT Fujian. Combined, EIT group’s registered capital has reached 160 million RMB Yuan, now a national company with a sharp competitive edge in environmental protection. The EIT Group holds a massive resource of over 23,000 specialized staffers, more than 1000 professional managers.

 And EIT group’s assets have reached about 1 billion RMB and the volume of business in 2014 has reached 130 million RMB. As a modern sunrise service industry in high-growth, EIT has been keeping a desire that the growth of annual revenue can exceed 30% during 17-year continuous hard working since it was founded. EIT successively was named as“ Guangdong famous trademark enterprise”, “top 20 enterprise in Guangdong sanitation”, “ observing contract and keeping promise enterprise”, “ Shenzhen new & high technology enterprise”, “ high technique talents training base”, “Futian advanced taxpaying enterprise”, “ Futian college students practice base“,etc.

 In December 2013, EIT group signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Jiuding capital and Tsinghua holdings industry investment fund to prepare for listed company. EIT group has completely structured a series of flows and control systems about “brand construction, market development, quality management, customer recourses, financial management and control, technical studies, logistic support”, and keeps instilling new energy into EIT with new goals and demands throughout the whole process.

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